Become an Appointed Broker

Diamond State Group is committed to developing strong, mutually beneficial broker relationships. As a general rule, appointed Brokers will submit risks that present unique or unusual exposures that are not well served by the industry. Potential Diamond State Group policyholders will have the resources necessary to implement cost effective loss containment initiatives that effectively reduce loss frequency and severity.

We are also looking for:
  • The ability to generate $1 million in annual premium through Diamond State Group's existing product portfolio.
  • For existing Penn America appointments, the ability to generate $500,000 in annual premium through Diamond State's existing product portfolio.

Diamond State's dedicated headquarters staff provides excellent service to its wholesalers including technology tools, sophisticated underwriting and claims training and support, fast turnarounds and easy access to the people and information each agent needs to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

If you want to discuss being appointed as a Diamond State Group Broker, please email